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Arcserve® Unified Data Protection
Arcserve UDP is a new solution yet built on the foundation of very mature and proven technology. It combines backup, replication, high availability and true global deduplication technologies within one solution. Arcserve UDP is easy to use and does not require expensive professional services to offer a seamless solution from endpoint to remote archive site. Arcserve UDP helps organizations deliver on Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO and RTO) while helping to optimize their resources. Its unified management console can manage and deploy across multiple sites, deliver agentless backups of VMware\Hyper-V VMs, supports Windows and Linux physical machines as well as tape migration of disk images.

is the universal database tool for administrators, developers and analysts. With one single tool even for large, heterogeneous environments and its modest pricing, it is also a highly cost effective solution.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
WhatsUp Gold provides a unified view and fully encompasses heterogeneous environments and vendors so you can see everything on your network. Improve your network performance and improve uptime throughout today's diverse networks by monitoring and analyzing everything from one actionable, unified dashboard. Understand the interconnections of your network, see and predict issues, and resolve problems faster with WhatsUp Gold's fully personalized dashboard that lets you discover and map your infrastructure and create action policies for your SLAs.

IRI CoSort®
Use CoSort and its powerful 4GL program and Eclipse GUI for legacy sort replacement and data migration projects, fast data warehouse ETL and ODS operations, very large database (VLDB) load and query acceleration, BI/analytic tool performance optimization, data governance and application performance improvement.

NiCE sMPs for HP BSM OMi
NiCE Smart Management Packs (sMPs) for HP OMi is essentially application monitoring software that provides both application and database monitoring, and channels that information to the HP OMi server.

NiCE SPIs for HP Operations Manager
NiCE Smart Plug-Ins (SPIs) for HP Operations Manager complement HP OM by adding application and database monitoring capabilities, hosted in the infrastructure already monitored.

NiCE MPs for Microsoft SCOM
NiCE Management Packs (MPs) for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager complement Microsoft SCOM by adding application and database monitoring capabilities, hosted in the infrastructure already monitored.

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