Business Intelligence for the EMS System SOS

SOS system for operational management of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) control center includes standard reports and statistics, the contents of which can be influenced only by setting the parameters and you can not modify or create new ones.

EMS IT department in addition to standard regular reports must be able to deliver outputs based on operational requirements. There are both internal management requirements to create the current analysis, needed for evaluation and decision making, as well as external requirements, such as information and media public documents for the Ministry of Health etc.

BI Extension provides data on three areas:

  • Reports
    analysis of the type when, which one, where one message was received, the time of delivery, numbers, ...
  • Patients
    analysis of the type when, which one, diagnosis, age, location, insurance, ...
  • Departures
    analysis of the type when, which one, which base, destination, ...

Technical Infrastructure

Oracle BI

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