Database Management

Enable high-performance replication and data integration for Oracle® 10g, 11g and 12c as well as other databases with SharePlex™. Leverage in-flight data integrity, compare and repair, migration, reporting, and monitoring capabilities in one comprehensive and affordable solution. SharePlex gives you access to a real-time copy of your production data with zero impact on your OLTP system’s availability and performance, ensuring business continuity and helping you meet your database operational goals. Replicate multiple copies of data on premises, remotely or in the cloud and optimize the use of data warehouse and business intelligence applications.

Space Manager with LiveReorg™
enables you to reorganize Oracle data, optimize I/O performance, and maximize database capacity. You can prevent application and database downtime by performing online Oracle reorganizations to reclaim space. The Oracle partitioning tool also allows you to resolve performance issues due to fragmentation when archiving Oracle data. You’ll find this especially useful for business-critical ERP applications, such as Oracle e-Business Suite, Siebel and SAP, where high-transaction volumes require you to routinely archive data.

Toad™ for Oracle®
is the number one productivity solution for Oracle® database development and administration. These Oracle DB tools combine extensive automation with intuitive workflows to provide you with deep functionality. Toad for Oracle seamlessly integrates with the Toad World™ user community, empowering you to get answers from industry experts, interact with 3 million of your peers, and access a wealth of platform information—all without leaving Toad. Whether you’re a novice or a database pro, these Oracle tools will allow you to work and collaborate with accuracy and ease.

Windows Management

Active Administrator
is a complete and integrated Microsoft® Active Directory® management software solution that fills the administration gaps native tools leave behind. From a single console, the solution addresses the most important areas of Active Directory including security and delegation, auditing and alerting, backup and recovery, Group Policy, health and replication, and accounts and configurations. Active Administrator makes it easier and faster than native tools to meet auditing requirements, tighten security, maintain business continuity and increase IT efficiency.

Change Auditor™
proactively tracks, reports and alerts on vital configuration changes to Microsoft® Windows Environment — in real time and without the overhead costs of native auditing. Enhances security by instantly reporting who made the change when, where and from which workstation. This eliminates the risks associated with day-to-day modifications. You can also compare the original and current values for fast troubleshooting and remediation. To ensure internal security and compliance at your next IT audit, Change Auditor generates intelligent, in-depth forensics so you’ll have an audit trail for auditors and management.

Virtualization Management

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition
provides the holistic insight you need into the health, risk and efficiency of your virtual infrastructure. Reduce operational costs, speed deployments, reduce the performance impact of changes and simplify the complexity of your data center infrastructure with end-to-everything visualization. And with virtual network switch support, administrators get full visibility into bottlenecks, network traffic information and bandwidth issues so problems can be addressed before customers are impacted.

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